99, Avenue des Ternes, 75017 PARIS
Phone: 01 40 55 55 20

Presentation of the restaurant

A Bellagio off-shoot, the Bellagio Pizza Bar offers all the cooking flavors of Italy in a unique Paris venue. Seated around a circular counter with twelve places, you can enjoy starters, San Daniele ham, pasta and tiramisu in a convivial atmosphere.

Bellagio Pizza Bar: a Paris pizza restaurant

The menu at the Bellagio Pizza Bar includes Italian classics that range from a Neapolitan Margherita to the Tartuffo topped with white truffle cream. These crisply cooked pizzas are made with fresh produce straight from Italy. For dessert, the house panna cotta and tiramisu will satisfy that powerful longing for something sweet.

Bellagio Pizza Bar: a restaurant open on Sunday

The Bellagio Pizza Bar is open daily from 12 to 3pm and 7 to 11pm, Sundays included. For those in a hurry, you can order by phone and get your pizza delivered. To enjoy the best of Italy in a typical Venetian decor, check out its parent restaurant address: The Bellagio.