• L'Auberge du Bonheur

  • Le Ballon des Ternes

  • Bellagio Pizza Bar

  • Le Bellagio

  • Chez Georges

  • Le Garnier Saint-Lazare

  • La Grande Cascade

  • Le Royal Vendôme

  • Ballon et Coquillages

Cuisine and gastronomy

For a candlelight dinner in a Parisian setting, the Royal Vendôme, the Ballon des Ternes and Chez Georges offer an elegant brasserie décor with mirrored walls and deep banquettes.

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For a gourmet seafood meal, the Garnier Saint-Lazare is an ideal venue.

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For a Michelin-starred French restaurant, La Grande Cascade is an address to remember. This gourmet restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne serves up French specialties in a historic setting dating back to Napoleon III.

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For those of you with big appetites who like their meat, here is our selection of Paris meat restaurants.

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In Paris, there's a gourmet restaurant for all tastes and all budgets, ranging from traditional brasseries and Italian trattorias to sophisticated dining rooms.

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Brasseries are more than just restaurants. They are lively eateries where lunch gives you a new experience of Parisian life. Each Paris brasserie has its own specialties, so it is often difficult to make a choice. We have selected four brasseries that embody the unique spirit of Paris.

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For an authentic Paris brasserie, Le Royal Vendôme is an ideal choice, with its reasonable prices and quintessentially Parisian style.

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Here are the grand restaurants, ideal for a romantic rendezvous or a business lunch at reasonable prices in an enjoyable setting.


La Grande Cascade

Allée de Longchamp - Bois de Boulogne - 75016 paris

L'Auberge du bonheur

Allée de Longchamp - Bois de Boulogne - 75016 paris

Chez Georges

274, Bld Pereire - 75017 Paris

Ballon des Ternes

103, Avenue des Ternes - 75017 Paris

Ballon et Coquillages

103, Avenue des Ternes - 75017 Paris


101, Avenue des Ternes - 75017 Paris

Bellagio Pizza Bar

101, Avenue des Ternes - 75017 Paris

Royal Vendôme

26, rue Danielle Casanova - 75002 Paris

Garnier Saint-Lazare

111, rue Saint-Lazare-75008 Paris